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Jason Truesdell

My favorite beautiful nabe suffered a fatal hairline crack last year in spite of no obvious trauma... sadly, it leaks a bit now, and the folk remedy didn't quite work out.

I'm torn between asking Hiromi to bring me a new one and just commandeering one of the mass-produced ones that I get from a US vendor.

Using a small metal pot works for me, too, but the experience just isn't the same...


Would that folk remedy be cooking up a batch of okayu? Or letting a paste of katakuriko and water sit in it overnight?

My nabe has cracked and leaked a few times, but the above tricks always fix it.

If I were you I'd ask Hiromi to bring you a nice one and just make do with a regular pot until then. A nice nabe is such a pleasure to use!

Wendy Lai

Can you please tell a fellow Canadian how you made the kimchi nabe soup base?? Thank you!! I love reading your blog. You seem to be a wonderful cook that can improvise ANYTHING!


Thanks a lot Wendy!
I posted a recipe a few years ago. It's highly adaptable and I really recommend tasting as you go and adjusting whenever you think is necessary. It's here: http://blue_moon.typepad.com/blue_lotus/2005/01/0123_dinner_chi_1.html
Hope you like it!

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